More than An Abra Ride

One of the best ways to move in Dubai, would be the Abra. Well, not one of the “Best” ways. But it has a deep cherished presence within the UAE’s history. moving between the Dubai Creek, from one side to another. It still exists as a necessity to many, as their daily way of moving from one side to another, as a fundamental route of transport.

Made out of wood, and driven by an extremely noticeable fuel smell that’ll hit you once you he hits the machine on, its crowded, and sweaty, and your surrounded by awkward people that do not want to engage in discussion, they just want to reach the other side, move quicker bai?

Out of extreme inability to relax, I decided to head out to the Creek and explore. Move around the fasting muslims finishing work before heading to iftar, before grabbing some zalabiya before heading to their family. Feeling better, the Abra I said would be the ultimate end to this trip.

This video focuses on the subtle and gentle stirring the Abra Requires to move, as it swiftly sways its way along the water, the driver simply sways his fingers alongside the driving wheel as well. The ropes release pressure on the wooden shaft on the back of the boat, and the machine noisily shakes in a rather scary manner.


A Sketch filled interview

As an aspiring cook, I’m a firm believer in people that perfect something and offer it as is, no fuss, just pure good food. Ahmed can be seen as one of those people, as the man Behind wingsters, the newly established speciality buffalo wings shop in Dubai.


He has Focused on seriously perfecting buffalo wings and offering them with a heck of a whole load of sauces to go with them, I find myself craving wings extremely often nowadays and I definitely know who to blame.

Now this interview is a bit different, it looks at showcasing a glimpse of a persons way of thinking and inner thoughts, in an effort to bring forward what makes them who they are, and what better way to do that than have them print out the interview and doodle their way through it as well as boast their drawing skills right?

I leave you now with the interview:

Its messy, its grubby, and I like it just like that, zoom in as much as you want and squint your way through it all!


For more details:


How to make Churros with Cardamom Sugar طريقة ال”جوروز” بالهيل

Churros is a delicious and easy median dessert, it involves making a base a bit similar to “Pate choux” that is then piped into hot oil and fried until golden, its then coated in lusciously flavoured sugar and served with hot chocolate sauce, if we were in mexico, that would be mexican hot chocolate of course.

The recipe here takes a more middle eastern approach to this dessert, the churros are coated in cardamom sugar, and then served with both salted caramel and chocolate sauce since I think cardamom goes beautifully with caramel.

The recipe is simple and all the ingredients are included in the film, enjoy and ramadan Kareem!